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  • The Juicing Buddy - Version E - In a food safe cutting block mineral oil finish.
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The Juicing Buddy - A Hydraulic Juice Press (Original Version)

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Product Description

"The Juicing Buddy is the Perfect companion to any juicer. If you haven't pressed your pulp, you're throwing out good juice!"

  • Save money by extracting juice from your pulp
  • Easy to use
  • Auto-retract springs for the plate
  • High-quality construction
  • 2x more powerful than other presses on the market
  • Magnet attached top plate for easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel plates
  • First juice cloth free!
  • Stained with a food-safe, butcher block mineral oil
  • The Juicing Buddy is the "buddy" to your existing juicer
  • Proudly made in the USA - In Historic and beautiful Berlin Maryland

Press your pulp! Like a tax refund, you'll find new money in your wallet by getting more juice in your glass from the leftover pulp you were wasting. Juicing customers have recently called the Juicing buddy "the King of all juice presses" and "it's quality is second to none!".  It is used to press wet pulp from a juicer so you get more juice and save money in fruit and veggies that you are juicing. Join the hundreds of satisfied customers in over six countries. Buy yours today!

Are you juicing but wasting thousands of dollars by leaving extra juice in your pulp?

Most people who try using a juice press after using a juicer notice the taste is more powerful and fresher when comparing a cup of juice from a juicer with the juice from a press, using the same batch of fruits and veggies. You tongue will notice the difference! The juicing buddy is a great way to get EXTRA COST SAVINGS from juicing, by extracting the most juice from your pulp. It offers stainless steel press plates (8 inch top and 10 inch press plate) which are oversized for easy loading.  Our press is made of high-quality oak and is built to last. It includes an auto-retract spring mechanism to make pressing a breeze and magnetic press plate release for quick and easy cleaning. It includes a 1 year, full satisfaction warranty and free instruction book with recipies.

Why are we doing this?

My wife needed a press as was recommended by the Gerson Therapy; however, there were not many afforable options.  So, I decided to make a press for my wife. Now I am making this juice press in my garage as a service to those who are using the Gerson Therapy or other juicing diets such as the Reboot Diet to help extract more juice from your pulp which you might be throwing away (or composting). This press can squeeze your pulp at up to 4,000 pounds which is 2 tons!

How much will it save me?

The idea behind it is simple. Let's say you spend $3 for organic fruits and vegetables for a single glass of juice using your juicer. Let's say you can use 25% less fruits and vegetables and get the same cup of juice by taking your pulp you normally throw out and put it in this press to extract more juice from it. So, lets do the math. 25% of $3 is $0.75 cents savings per glass. And let's say you juice 4 glasses a day, so that's $2.25 savings each day, or $67 a month or $400 in 6 months savings or $800 in one year or $2,400 in 3 years. Wow! That's alot of cost savings and alot of juice you were throwing out.

How to use it

Basically you take the pulp out of your existing juicer, put it in the middle of the juicing cloth (1 cloth provided for free when you order from this site). If you don't have a juicer, there's a link to one below. Then you wrap up the 4 sides of the cloth and place the wrapped cloth in the center of the press plate. Begin the pressing activity. Tighten the press valve at the base of the press (turn it clockwise to the right), insert the press handle and move the handle up and down about 5-8 times until it reaches the top. Be sure to align the press plate as it goes up. Have your juice glass ready as juice will begin to flow out of the straw in the front (or whatever side you choose to put the straw on). After the juice flows, tip the unit toward the straw to get the rest of the juice out. Continue pressing up and down on the handle until no more juice comes out. It will get tight. When you are done, remove the press handle (toward you) and release the press valve at the base of the press (by turning it counter-clockwise to the left). Pull down the press plate and remove the juice cloth and discard the now dry juice. Enjoy your fresh-pressed juice! Simply rinse the cloth and press plate and you're ready for next time.

Video Instructions

Watch this video of how to use the Juicing Buddy. This is my first version A, and currently we're shipping Version E, so you won't see many of the new features in this video including the auto-retract springs, heavy duty construction, or other neat things, but you will see the general usage and its effectiveness.


We stand behind the Juicing Buddy and will offer a 100% guarauntee with a one year warranty! Try it out and see for yourself just how much juice you've been leaving behind in your pulp.

Customer Feedback

Just read what we've been hearing from our customers:

  • Item of superb quality, arrived quickly & works great....Recommend this seller!
  • Arrived today..ready to use ...liked the video for instruction..great seller. FROM: Member id iaa1992 
  • Product as described. Ingenious idea. Very pleased.FROM: Member id star8144
  • I thought I'd let you know that my husband was impressed by your design.  He said you did a great job :) ~ Tiamae D.
  • Every experience with this seller has been over-the-top fantastic! A++++ FROM: Member id danhostetler 
  • A+ in every way. Fast - Accurate - Excellent Product - Highest Recommendation! FROM: Member id danhostetler 
  • As advertised, excellent service,could not ask for more, very good seller FROM: Member id mlpits 
  • Hope to deal with you again. Thank you.FROM: Member id pingpeon
  • Thank you for the work you are doing. We are thrilled to have your product. FROM: Member id dalenepeel2012
  • I love how the springs work. It makes juicing a pleasure. I am using your juice press with my Champion juicer and the juice quality is excellent! ~ Zarsha

Product Dimensions

15" width x 8" depth x 14" height and around 18 pounds in weight

Product Videos

Pressing the pulp with the Juicing Buddy ()
  • VID_20120307_070115.3gp
  • Pressing the pulp with the Juicing Buddy

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